LAENNEC 2mL x 50amp


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Who can be wanting to use LAENNEC:


  1. those who has dark skin face, withered yellow skin, spots, wrinkles, rough skin, skin with lack of moisturization, elasticity and shining
  2. those who cares about forgetfulness, has poor sleep, hair loss, fatigue, headache and dizziness, physical decline, depresion, work stress, long-term computer sitting
  3. those who has joint pain, rheumatic lumbar muscle strain, hyperosteogeny, loosening
  4. those who suffer from endocrine disorder, body deformation, stunting, male and female functional decline, delaying female climacteric syndrome etc.

LAENNEC placental hormone:

– Liver disease treatment, improvement of liver function, immune diseases, allergic diseases, rheumatism, asthma, allergic dermatitis, chemical or food allergy, autoimmune diseases and so on.

– Obstetrics and gynaecology diseases, anti-aging, anti-fatigue.

– The physical maintenance and energy recovery of the elderly can achieve the effect of rejuvenation from the cells.


Laennec therapy can be carried out by different methods:

  • intramuscularly in 4 ml for 21 days every other day
  • intravenously with a dropper of 8-10 ml 2 times a week (the course is 10 procedures)
  • mesotherapy method
  • according to the method of pharmacopuncture, in which Laennec is introduced in microdoses into individual biologically active points – in this case 10-14 procedures are shown, 2-3 per week.


– Eliminates insomnia and improves physical fatigue
– Boosts the immune system
– Stimulates the regeneration of liver cells
– Drastically improves skin elasticity
– Boosts the immune defenses
– Improves circulation


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