Biotoc Regen Peel 13.5g

Biotoc Regen Peel

Net Weight 13.5g

Microneedle peeling for skin resurfacing



Biotoc Regen Peel

Net Weight 13.5g

Microneedle peeling for skin resurfacing

Special care of premium anti-aging

Immediate skin improvement,

Amazing changes in skin elasticity Biotoc Regen Peel

강력한 리프팅, 지속적인 영양 보습, 탁월한 피부 탄력
Biotoc Regen Peel Benefits: 
  • Powerful effect of natural micro-needle
    The natural spicule, taken from the deep sea rich in minerals, penetrates through the dermal layer of the skin and delivers the active substance to the skin and makes a vital skin from deep inside.
  • Smoothes skin texture with exfoliation and sebum production inhibition
    For 72 hours, spicule acts in the skin to activate the skin, helping to organize accumulated sebum and dead skin and to quickly form new cells.
  • Immediately resolve skin concerns
    The nutrients delivered to the dermal layer of the skin through the spicule improve skin elasticity and quickly resolve the cause of the problem.

    Main components and effects

    1) Hydrolyzed sponges stimulates the skin’s immune activity and improves the cause of the problem.

    2) Niacinamide improves skin tone and dark spots

    3) Cenella asiatica extract protects irritated skin, prevents dryness, and helps improve skin pores. It helps to keep the skin smooth and supple and is suitable for dry, oily and sensitive skin.

    4) 17 amino acid complexes have  moisturizing properties and participate in the collagen activity.

    5) 10 Herb extract as a natural plant ingredient, it protects the skin from the external environment and cares to a clear and moist healthy skin.

    6) Hyaluron(Sodium Hyaluronate) forms a moisture barrier on the surface

    How to use:

  • Pour moderate amount of Biotoc Regen Peel on your face and absorb it by tapping with your hand twice a day, morning and night.You get better effect if use in this order:



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