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Local Anesthetics 20mL x 10Vial

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Product Specification

Appearance: Colorless and clear solution

Package content: 20 mL Vial × 10 EA, 5 mL Vial × 10 EA


1. Anesthesia: Epidural, infiltration, surface anesthesia or nerve block

2. Internal medical use: Ventricular arrhythmia

Dosage & Administration

– Anesthesia

The dosage should be adjusted according to the response of the patient and the site of administration

The lowest concentration and smallest dose producing the required effect should be given

The dosage varies depending on the area to be anaesthetised, vascularity of the tissues, number of neuronal segments to be blocked, individual tolerance and the anaesthetic technique

The lowest dosage needed to provide anaesthesia should be administered


Unnecessarily high doses of local anaesthetics are to be avoided

The maximum dose for healthy adults should not exceed 200 mg

1. Epidural(max. dose : 200 mg as Lidocaine HCl per once) : 40 ~ 200 mg

2. Nerve block(max. dose : 200 mg as Lidocaine HCl per once) : 30 ~ 200 mg, 60 ~120 mg for support nerve block

3. Infiltration(max. dose : 200 mg as Lidocaine HCl per once) : 40 ~ 200 mg

4. Surface : spread or spray a moderate amount of dose to a part

Dosage should be properly adjusted by ages, anesthetic areas, parts, tissue, symptoms, constitution or whole body conditions

– Internal medical use


1. Single intravenous administration : 50 ~ 100 mg(1 ~ 2 mg/kg) as Lidocaine HCl per once slowly administer by intravenously for 1 ~ 2 minutes

If the desired response is not achieved, a same dosage may be administered 5 minutes after completion of the first injection

And also, additionally same dosage may be repeated at 10 ~ 20 minute interval as necessary, but the maximum dose for 1 hour should not exceed 300 mg

2. I.V. Instillation administration : If single I.V. administration is effective, so you want an enduring effects, should administer by I.V. instillation under constant ECG monitoring

Lidocaine HCl is I.V. administered at a rate of 1 ~ 2mg as lidocaine HCl per minute

If necessary, infusion rate may be increased, but maximum rate is 4 mg pre minute

Composition: Each 1mL Contains

Lidocaine HCI(USP):                 21.330mg

(Lidocaine HCI anhydrous 20mg)

Sodium chloride(KP)               9mg

Sodium hydroxide(KP)            q.s

Water for injection                   q.s


Hermetic container, Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C


36 months from the manufacturing date

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