2% PN (polinucleotic Acid) Skin Booster for treatment of eye area

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Package: 1mL – 1 syr

Composition: PN 2%

Needle: JBP nanoneedle 33G 4mm

Purpose of Use: Moisturizes and repairs saggy skin under the eyes, removes dark circles and reduces bags under the eyes, smoothes crow’s feet and deep wrinkles

Application: subcutaneous injection, suitable for thin skin (eye area)

Improvement in wrinkles was confirmed after applying REJURAN I a total of 4 times with an interval of 2 weeks, no reverse effect was found.

Crow’s feet smoothed out after 4 times of application of REJURAN I at intervals of every 2 weeks. The overall result is shown in 94.92% application.


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