iLLUMA PN Booster


iLLUMA PN Booster

+ PN Polynucleotides
+ Peptide
+ Hyaluronic Acid



+ PN Polynucleotides
+ Peptide
+ Hyaluronic Acid


iLLUMA PN Booster’
improves aging skin by strengthening the skin barrier.
It is a skin booster that provides moisture to the epidermis and dermis and has an excellent effect on repairing thin and damaged skin.

The unique and patented stabilization technique ensures that the natural cross- linked and entangled HA network is kept in place by introducing a limited number of synthetic cross-links, i.e. minimal modification.


The PN polynucleotides (DNA + RNA) included in the composition have a wider spectrum of
action compared to regular PDRN:

• Activate the general metabolism of the cell
• Normalize local skin immunity
• Stimulate the production of structural components of the dermis
• Block photo-damage of their own cell DNA, reducing the number of atypical cells
• Regulate melanogenesis by stabilizing cell membranes,
which significantly reduces the sensitivity of cells to the damaging effects of chemicals and radiation.

The iLLUMA PN Booster also contains 2 anti-aging peptides:

• Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is specifically designed to combat facial wrinkles. It effectively reduces wrinkles on the neck and around the eyes. The peptide has proven to not only effectively reduce existing wrinkles, but to also prevent the appearance of new ones.
• Palmitoyl pentapeptide – 4 signal peptide that stimulates the restoration of the structural elements of the dermis – collagen, elastin, fibronectin, glycosaminoglycans.


/ Features
• Skin repair & hydration
• Facial wrinkle removal
• Strengthening of barrier properties and strengthening of local immunity of
the cells
• Reduction of pigmentation of various etiologies and normalization of melanogenesis
• Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis
/ Interval
• 1 treatment per month,
between 1 to 3 sessions in total.




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