Glutanex Glow


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Professional Solution for Instant Brightening

4mL x  5 vials

For those who look for:

Instant Tone Brightening

Pore Tightening

Skin Regeneration 

4 Big ingredients GLUTATHIONE – PDRN – GROWTH FACTORS – PEPTIDES allow Glutanex glow this benefits: 

  • Glutathione  suppresses melanin which gives brightening effect
  • PDRN is for new skin cells regeneration
  • Growth factors like EGF along with PDRN help damaged skin to natural repair
  • Active Peptides nourish skin

Use GLUTANEX GLOW three way:

  1. Intradermal/ as mesotherapy
  2. Apply the treatment and dermaroller for all desired areas
  3. Topical use: apply 2-3 drops GLUTANEX GLOW and tap your sin until absorbs





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