SEDY FILL Body Filler 60 mL

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Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Body Filler 60cc

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SEDY FILL Body Filler 60 mL

The body filler consists of 100% cross-linked non-animal hyaluronic acid, created using the unique HENM cross-linking technology, thanks to which it has an instant and visible result, increases the duration of the effect and makes the procedure safe and completely eliminated from the body. In addition, SEDY FILL promotes quick recovery and leaves minimal marks after the procedure.

SEDY FILL body filler is a viscous gel that is able to maintain its shape for a long time without spreading to adjacent tissues.

SEDY FILL combines three essential ingredients for the perfect body filler:

1. High viscosity and cohesiveness

2. Optimal gel hardness (when injected, it can be delicately controlled, and there is no displacement after the procedure)

3. Easy forming (excellent formability)

Application area.

Filler specially designed for volumetric soft tissue replenishment and body contouring

– Correction of the shape and volume of the breast;

– Replenishment of volume and correction of asymmetry of the buttocks;

– Correction of the asymmetry of the legs;

– Replenishment and alignment of soft tissues after volumetric liposuction;

– Elimination of irregularities on the surface of the skin caused, for example, by liposuction.

– Intimate contour plastic

SEDY FILL benefits 

SEDY FILL provides a quick and long-term effect of non-surgical intervention, which avoids a number of complications such as scarring.

SEDY FILL is a crystal clear gel based on purified stabilized hyaluronic acid obtained by a biotechnological method.

SEDY FILL does not require anesthesia, as this contouring procedure is painless

SEDY FILL – body filler, which contains anti-aging ingredients, thanks to which the procedure naturally prolongs the youthfulness of the skin

SEDY FILL Efficiency

A single application of SEDY FILL provides an effect lasting 12-15 months, and with delicate care up to 2 years. The gel, which is biologically compatible with the human body, gradually dissolves in the process of metabolism. To ensure the effect for a longer period and to maintain the aesthetic result, it is possible to repeat the procedure.

Made in Maypharm.

2 reviews for SEDY FILL Body Filler 60 mL

  1. Tricia Giaimo (verified owner)

    I wish I could give this filler 100 stars. I am 51 and my ass was flat. It was perfect when I was young. I got sick and lost a lot of weight quickly and I was left with no buttocks at all on my very small frame. Looking at prices in the US, it would be impossible for me to afford to get a butt lift or anything close. Long story short, I set out to learn how to do it myself. And let me just say here that I do not recommend doing that unless you plan on fully educating yourself of the risk and dangers. Back to it. I used a canula for almost all of the filler. I put about 300 ml in each cheek and yes, I needed that much to have any kind of butt at all. I am going to try and figure out how to upload the photos because, the results will speak for themselves. I highly recommend this filler for several reasons. It is user friendly, so to speak. When I injected too much in one area, it was very easy to massage it and spread it around. I get compliments all the time on how great my ass looks and I am SO happy. It also has settled and didn’t migrate. I will always purchase this if I need touch ups here and there.

  2. Amber (verified owner)

    Great filler! I bought this filler because I knew I would need at least 10ml for everything I wanted to do with my face and then I would have to buy it all again in 3 months, and I WA hoping this filler would work OK even though it’s a body filler. Omg let me tell you what! This is the only one that didn’t hurt going in even though it doesn’t have lido, it lasts the longest, it’s very soft yet firm. I use it in my lips,cheeks,chin,nose and I also mix plla (sculptra and mennus) 50/50 with this filler to create a longer lasting effect and it works so good! The plla/filler mix goes in my cheeks and when the filler starts to go away the plla has already created my own flesh so it never goes back down to the way it was originally and I also use it above my eyebrows for a lift. I’ve been using this bottle for 6 months without issues. If I had bought the regular 1ml syringes I would’ve paid $2400 for that much product! Just don’t remove the seal, pull out the product with an 18g needle everytime and you can inject with a 25g(maybe smaller but that’s what I use and it’s small enough for lips) and I just wanted everyone to know that you can indeed use this on your face and it lasts a really long time

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