The Premium Skin Booster line

Consists of the freeze-dried Solution and the activator with growth foctor.


The freeze-dried Solution are three types:

  1.  MAYSTER PLLA Booster (wrinkle improvement)
  2. MAYSTER PDRN Booster (whitening + regeneration)
  3. MAYSTER HA Booster (moisturizing)

The Activator with Growth Factor maxinizes the efficacy of the freeze-dried solution and increases the effectiveness of the treatment with hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids, peptides, etc.

Advantage of Mayster’s Freeze – Dried Technique

*100% purified raw material without preservative treatment

*Minimize the loss of active ingredients

*Stable particle size – Safe treatment

*Fully Applicable to the Skin

*dissolve simple and fast with higher solubility

Wrinkle Improvement SET

Collagen Stimulator for great result of rejuvenation


The Mayster PLLA Booster stimulates collagen

production, strengthens the internal structure of the skin, restores volume, and increases elasticity gradually.


-Micro construction of PLLA Powder 100mg

-Activator 5ml (HA , Amino acid, Peptides, Stemcell)


The Mayster Whitening + Rejuvenating SET

Premium PDRN Rejuvenator with Whitening

The Mayster PDRN Booster contains premium PDRN(Polydeoxyribonucleotide), indicating whitening and tissue regeneration effects of the skin.


-PDRN Powder 100mg

-Whitening ACTIVATOR 5ml(Niacinamide, Glutachion, etc)


The Mayster Moisturizing SET

Premium Hyaluronic Acid Boostser Pack

The MAYSTER HA BOOSTER Contains premium Hyaluronic Acid (10,000ppm), which delibers nutrients to cells and keeps moisture deep in the skin for a long time.


-Various molecular weights of HA Powder 100mg

-Actiator 5ml (Various peptides)





It contains with first step ‘s 4 freeze-dried bowls and active gel and mix it together immediately when it was opened.

It contains of three types: wrinkle improvement, whitening+skin cell regeneration  moisturization and can be treated according to individual’s skin type and condition.

Provides a differentiated treatment effect by active ingredient for any skin type (first step), Hyaluronic acid , Amino acid, Peptide, and etc,(Second step)



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