Collagen stimulator for rejuvenated results

Mayster PLLA is a booster designed to stimulate collagen production, strengthen the internal structure of the skin, restore volume, and increase elasticity. Mayster PLLA focuses on the overall health of the skin and strengthening its deeper layers.

Mayster PLLA:

  • Improves wrinkles
  • Adds volume to cheeks
  • Regenerates skin elasticity
  • Stimulates collagen production

Mayster PLLA guarantees a gradual increase in collagen production. This leads to a variety of benefits for the skin including strengthening, volume, and increased elasticity. Mayster PLLA can be used on a wide variety of skin types including dry, oily, and combination skin. It is recommended that the procedure be performed by a physician that has been trained with the Mayster line. Do not use until infection and inflammation are controlled. The procedure may result in slight bruising. Alcohol, cigarettes, etc. may cause inflammation for 3-7 days after the procedure. It is recommended to avoid excessive drinking, saunas, hot baths, and intense exercise for two weeks following the procedure. Once the package has been opened, use the entire product immediately.

Mayster PLLA Ingredients:

  • Mico construction of PLLA Powder (100mg)
  • Activator (5ml; amino acid, peptides, stemcell)

Mayster HA Product Specifications:

Volume : 500mg
Storage instruction : Keep sealed and store at 2~8°C
Country of Manufacture : South Korea
Manufacturer : Maypharm
Expiration Date : 36 months from manufacturing date

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does PLLA stand for?

PLLA is a bio-stimulatory dermal filler that stimulates the natural barriers of the skin to produce new collagen. The skin breaks down PLLA into water and carbon dioxide over time, meaning that the results of Mayster PLLA will appear gradually over the course of a few months.

Are results of Mayster PLLA natural?

Due to Mayster PLLA’s stimulation of the body’s skin layers, all results are natural. The PLLA injected into the skin will dissolve into water and carbon dioxide that will slowly alter the skin for a smoother, tighter appearance.


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