Baby Tox (Metox + Metoo Healer)


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“Baby Tox” is an innovative technique that uses a micro-dose of toxin, 10 units or less, to smooth away unwanted lines and wrinkles, with natural-looking results that typically last for about two months. This results in more muscle movement in your face and a more natural appearance – a great solution for people who want to avoid that expressionless “frozen” look often associated with toxin treatment.

Baby Tox works well for the same places as standard toxin treatment, including:

  • Crow’s feet, the fine lines beside the eyes that appear when you smile;
  • Glabella lines, the lines between the eyebrows that appear when you frown;
  • Forehead lines, the horizontal lines across the forehead that appear when you animate your face;
  • Above the eyebrows to lift the brow;

Who wants this treatment:

  • Popular for men and women of all ages
  • Young people of 20’s and 30’s want to preserve wrinkle from ever appearing
  • Older people want to moderate line and wrinkles to get more natural look
  • Those who tries toxin treatment for the first time
  • Those who want subtle results with less commitment

What you need for this treatment:
– 1 vial of Metox
– 1 vial of Saline Water
– 1 vial of Metoo Healer PDRN Booster

How to use it:
Step 1. Mix 2ml (100Units) of Saline water with 1 vial of Metox.
Step 2. Add 3ml of Metoo Healer PDRN Booster to dissolved Metox.
Step 3. Mix together carefully, avoid hard shaking the vial.
Step 4. You can use either insulin needles to apply or Meso tools like Derma roller, syringes or microneedles.

What you will get:
You will get smooth natural look, lifted skin, at the same time moisturizes and glowing.



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