Ultra Light for face & body


UltraLight is biological sterilized lipolytic solution for face & body.

Active Ingredients: Tyrosine, Disodium Adenosine phosphate, Pulsatilla Extract, Sodium Chloride, Riboflavin

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  • Ultralight is a new injectable that is very effective at reducing the appearance and profile ofmoderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat).
  • When injected into the fat underneath the chin, ultralight causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, the cells can no longer store or accumulate fat.
  • Formation of flawless facial lines and beautiful contours.
  • Elimination of excess fat and controlled formation of new fat cells.
  • It can remove cheek fat, buccal fat, subaural sagging fat, and submental fat. It also corrects overdone fat graft.


Main Components

Deoxycholic acid


Juglans Regia

Fucus Vesiculosus Aesculus Hippocastanum


Disodium Adenosine phosphate

Pulsatilla Extract

Sodium Chloride



Ultra Light protocol of use

1. Usage per each spot is 0.1cc. Do not exceed 2cc at once.

2. Shake the ampoule for a few seconds until colour turn green for a temporary emulsion.

3. Recommended to use along the chin line.

4. After using, massage well on the spot.

5. In case of using at the body, the usage per part is same.

6. In case of the body, there are various kinds of fat and size, so its efficacies can’t be sure.

7. Caused by overdosage on cheek, top side of nose etc., the dimple simpton may be occured, so use carefully according to skill of operator.

8. In some cases, allergy reaction may be appeared by anindividual difference after use. Against this case, prescribe antibiotics (such as Dexa).


Injection metrics
Volume mL
Double chin
Abdomen, Upper arms
Outer thighs



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