Lipolytic Mesotherapy 2ml * 10 vials

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  • No pain, No swelling, No bruising
  • Formation of flawless facial lined and beautiful contours
  • Elimination of excess fat and controlled formation of new fat cells
  • 5 minutes of short treatment duration and no bruising and no pain


LIPO LIGHT softens the hardened fat cells and enhances fat burning as well as weight loss when incorporated with cardiovascular exercises.

LIPO LIGHT can be administered on nose areas to enhance facial contours, resulting in lipo-sculping.

LIPO LIGHT can be applied to remove excess fat cells after lipo-implants and lipo-injections in the areas of cheekbones, cheeks, earlobes, and chins.


DEOXYCHOLIC ACID Fat cell remover
SODIUM CHLORIDE Improved blood flow
CRIMSON FLOWERS protection of skin damaged
PULSATILA EXTRACT Increased skin elasticity
MARONI EXTRACT Increased capillary cessel activity
WALNUT EXTRACT eliminating of toxic wastes
BLADDERWRACK cellulite-removing effect
PAPAYA EXTRACT dissolving keratins

Main target: 

  • to make v-line
  • to make smaller face
  • to balance facial lines

Where to use:

  • sagging chin-line and double-chin
  • flawless facial line
  • no visible results from botox application
  • aftercare for excessive fat-implant
  • slim waistline and leg line


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