DELGADA is high effective localized fat reduction for face and body

8 ml/ vial * 5vials

Active Ingredient: Deoxycholic Acid

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DELGADA is high effective localized fat dissolving injections

Packaging unit:

8 ml/ vial * 5 vials.

DELGADA fat dissolving injections Active Ingredient:

Deoxycholic Acid  – as a bile acid it emulsifies fat. Synthetically derived deoxycholic acid disrupts the cell membrane when injected and causes adipic cytolysis to stimulate target decomposition of adipose cells.


The action of deoxycholic acid is reduced by albumin and tissue-related proteins, so its effect is limited to subcutaneous that lack protein. Protein-rich tissues such as muscles and skin contribute to its safety without being affected by deoxycholic acid.

DELGADA benefits:

  • Break down fat cells
  • NO Down Time
  • NO steroid
  • NO yoyo effect

Injection Depth: Subcutaneous layer
Needle: 30-31G
Maximum Dosage: Up to 16ml (2 ampoules) per session.
5 sessions in total at 1 week interval
Massage enough after the application

For those who:

  • are worried about your face looking big
  • are bothered by double chin
  • are not losing weight even on diet or exercise
  • wants a fast result
  • wants to lose localized fat in a specific area




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