Venaen Compression Stockings Calf


Type: Calf-short (height 33-37), Calf-long (height 38-42)

Size: S (28-32), M (32-36), L (36-41), XL (40-46)

Description: As a device that elastically compresses or holds a part of the body to prevent blood from accumulating, it is a medical device that helps blood circulation through a stepwise progressive decompression design.

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As a device that elastically compresses or holds a part of the body to prevent blood from accumulating, it is a medical device that helps blood circulation through a stepwise progressive decompression design.



Differentiated silicon band 

Can be safely used even by patients with sensitive skin as they adopted the elastic band that is 50% thinner than the existing one for enhanced breathability and specialized flat silicon dots.



Double sewing on toes for comfortable wearing

Double-stitched toes for less skin irritation and better protection of toes



Multiple knitting structures for optimal fixing

Improved breathability with multiple knitting structures that differ in compression levels give a pleasant wearing sensation.



Minimized skin irritation

For sensitive skin, the band area was designed as seamless to prevent foreign body sensation.



Delicate compression design

VENAEN’s products apply a 5-8 % higher level of compression than imported products to soleus muscles to prevent stagnant blood flow.



Non-tight double belt 

A wide band that does not compress the wearing part keeps the product well fixed to the skin while promoting smooth blood circulation.



Powerful hip line three-dimensional warp knitting 

The three-dimensional warp knitting structure that holds the hip line allows pressure to be transmitted to the buttocks



Air mesh gusset with enhanced ventilation

The gusset area, which is prone to moisture, is specially treated for aid air circulation providing a comfortable fit



Elastic vertically-knitted band

The vertically-knitted band stretches well when worn and maintains the optimal condition after wearing, making it easy to put the product on.



Heel pockets for strong fixing

Reinforced fabric for heels to tightly support soles and efficiently apply compression without the slipping of the product





Manufactured with patented compression band technology

It is manufactured with patented compression band technology based on data regarding Korean female body size

Double covering yarn with increased elasticity yet reduced skin irritation

Spandex, the main cause of allergies, is wrapped twice in polyamide. This double-covering of yarn increases product resilience and durability while reducing irritation to the skin

All VENAEN products are wholly produced in Korea for strict quality control

We carry out a responsible process to increase the completeness and safety of our processes for everything the selection of yarn to the packaging for perfect products

Manufacturing date marked for the optimum compression conditions

The compression band also has an expiration date. Mediwinner promises the highest level of quality by including the manufacturing date

SWISSLASTIC’s precise compression measurement equipment

We manufacture products to reach higher performance using the most advanced medical compression test equipment for accurate pressure

Manufacturing using the German MERZ medical machine

By using Germany’s best weaving equipment the MERZ’s CC4-II, all products are lighter and more durable

Technical cooperation agreement with the Chonnam National University Healthcare R & BD Center

The details of the product have been enhanced through the know-how and technology of Asian body shape experts

Oiling laundry using chemical-free baby detergent

After weaving the product, yarn washing removes foreign substances that irritate the patient’s skin

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VCN Calf-high, VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toe, VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toe, VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toe, VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toe, VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toe, VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toe, VLN Ankle pantyhose, VTN Thigh type to Prevent blood clots


S, M, L, XL


Black, Skin, White


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Available Options

VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeMBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeMSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeLBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeLSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeXLBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeXLSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeSBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeSSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeMBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeMSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeLBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeLSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeXLBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Open-toeXLSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeSBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeSSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeMBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeMSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeLBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeLSkin$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeXLBlack$60.00
VPO/VPC Pantyhose Closed-toeXLSkin$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseSBlack$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseSSkin$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseMBlack$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseMSkin$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseLBlack$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseLSkin$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseXLBlack$60.00
VLN Ankle pantyhoseXLSkin$60.00
VTN Thigh type to Prevent blood clotsSWhite$60.00
VTN Thigh type to Prevent blood clotsMWhite$60.00
VTN Thigh type to Prevent blood clotsLWhite$60.00
VTN Thigh type to Prevent blood clotsXLWhite$60.00
VCN Calf-highSBlack$60.00
VCN Calf-highSSkin$60.00
VCN Calf-highMBlack$60.00
VCN Calf-highMSkin$60.00
VCN Calf-highLBlack$60.00
VCN Calf-highLSkin$60.00
VCN Calf-highXLBlack$60.00
VCN Calf-highXLSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeSBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeSSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeMBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeMSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeLBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeLSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeXLBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Open-toeXLSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeSBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeSSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeMBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeMSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeLBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeLSkin$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeXLBlack$60.00
VKO/VKC Knee-high Closed-toeXLSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeSBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeSSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeMBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeMSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeLBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeLSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeXLBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Open-toeXLSkin$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeSBlack$60.00
VTO/VTC Thigh-high Closed-toeSSkin$60.00