Sollume Esthe LED Real Mask


Solume Esthe LED Mask Effect:

Cheek Lifting Improvement | Eye Rim Lifting Improvement | Eye Rim Elasticity Improvement | Skin Brightness Improvement | Corium Density Improvement | Corium Moisture Improvement

SOLLUME ESTHÉ REAL LED MASK is developed for perfect skin care with 120°Beam Angle LED Chip , Skin Contactless Design and Optimized LED Array, Which has 20ea of RED LED (630nm) and 5ea of IR LED (850nm)


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SOLLUME ESTHE LED REAL MASK helps managing of skin corium and improves Collagen and Elastin Synthesis. It increase skin absorptivity to active ingredient of cosmetics and revitalize skin sells
Revitalizing collagen promote skin elasticity and make bright complexion


The Effect of LED Real Mask 

Brightening & Lifting Dual Effect : 

Two LED lights of 650nm and 850nm wavelength access to skin corium deeply and helps collagen and elastin Synthesis. It gives skin lifted and radiantly brighten. 

Miracle of 15min, Daily LED Therapy : 

Only 15min per day, It gives equal effect with expensive treatment at Aesthetic shop through just a simple using of LED MASK at Home.

Effect and Safety proven by FDA, CE, Photobiological Test : 

The result proves safety of SOLLUME ESTHÉ LED Real Mask as harmless to human body and eye. One More Step for Users, Silicone Eye guard is provided for glare protection.




LED Mask
 Wearable Frame
Silicone Eye Guard
Automatic Timer
5Pin USB Simple Charging
Miracle of 15min, Daily LED Therapy

Eye glasses design for

Easy and comfortable Wear

Prevent Glare and Gives Free Movement
Automatically ‘Off’ after 15min of Treatment
Easy Charging with Android Smart Phone USB


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