Premium Plamere


Versatile multi-plasma device for diverse aesthetic uses, such as acne treatment, active ingredient absorption enhancement and skin elasticity recovery.

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Premium Plamere Benefits:

  • Patented plasma acne care – through sterilization function of plasma to alleviate trouble areas.
  • Stimulation for deeper absorption of active ingredients – unlike other devices in the market that enhance absorption through the pores or sweat glands in the epidermis in a linear manner, Premium Plamere works to enhance absorption down to the dermis through fractional and permeating.
  • Wrinkle appearance improvement and collagen regeneration – Premium Plamere uses plasma lifting, stimulating the dermal cells to produce collagen and elastin, recovering skin elasticity.
  • Simple and safe use – safe control of power with analogue wheel style switch and 2 modes.

Device Details:

Model name: GMP – 2000

Main functions: Heat treatment, sterilization and lifting by inducing plasma into the tissue.

Output frequency: 250kHz

Output mode: continuous, pulse

Treatment tip: acne tip, lifting tip, permeating tip, fractional tip.

Power: external lithium-polymer battery pack (3.7V, 500mAh)

Output power: up to 6W

Output level: 9 levels (wheel)

Pulse mode frequency: 500Hz

Use time: up to 2 hours after complete charging

Dimensions: 170x40x23mm



*Battery pack is not included


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