Neuramis DEEP


Cross Linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler


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Neuramis Deep


HA –  20 mg/mL


syringe with 1.0 ml

2* needle 27G 13mm UTW*

UTW – Ultra Thin Wall Needle

Ultra Thin Wall Needle has a lager inner diameter compared to regular needles.

It improves flow rates and lowers extraction force during injection.

Indications of Neuramis Deep for use:

  • Correction of moderate and deep wrinkles.
  • Increased lip volume.
  • Elasticity and tightening of the skin.
  • Improved elasticity.
  • Skin hydration.

Benefits of Neuramis Deep:

  • The most comfortable procedure – lidocaine, which is part of Neuramis Deep Lidocaine, has an analgesic effect, making the procedure as comfortable as possible for patients.
  • High degree of purification – thanks to the unique SHAPE technology, characterized by a 2-stage cross-linking process and an increased process of hyaluronic acid purification, Neuramis Deep Lidocaine is a reliable and effective product.
  • Ideal for correcting deep wrinkles and restoring lost volume.
  • Fast and safe result – the effect of Neuramis Deep Lidocaine is noticeable immediately after the procedure, a significant improvement in the structure and elasticity of the skin is achieved, as well as the replenishment of the lost volume.
  • Easy to use – ultra-thin needles manufactured by the Japanese company TSK Laboratory, as well as the plasticity of hyaluronic acid, guarantee ease of use and natural shapes.
  • Top quality – Neuramis Deep Lidocaine uses hyaluronic acid supplied by a Japanese company (Shiseido), the safety of which has been confirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Administration for Quality Assurance of Medical Services and Medicines …
  • Long-term effect – the duration is up to 12 months, depending on the characteristics of the patient.




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