Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid with Lidocaine  1.0 mL

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MELINE VOLUME Lidocaine Composition:

Hyaluronic Acid Content : 20mg/mL

Lidocaine 0.3%

Sodium Hyaluronate Source : Streptococcus species of bacteria (Derived from animal component free material)

Cross-linking Type and agent : Monophasic / BDDE

Cross-linking agent : BDDE

MELINE VOLUME Lidocaine Package:

1 syringe (1.0 ml)

MELINE Lidocaine Hyaluronic acid gel Dermal fillers are developed for correction of wrinkle, folding, lifting up and contouring, volumizing on adult face and body. Its laboratory and production facilities has the most cutting-edge equipment and KGMP certification from KMFDS. Bio standard has been permitted to export MELINE Lidocaine with Certificate of Free Sales from KMFDS.


It is used in contour plastics to correct the first signs of aging.


It is used in contour plastics to correct medium-deep wrinkles, folds, add volume and beautiful shape to the lips.

It is used in contour plastics for: filling the volume of soft tissues; correction of wrinkles; lip augmentation; smoothing deep creases; changes in the shape of the face. Suitable for working with the intimate area and décolleté area.
    6-10 months 8-12 months     8-12 months


Easier to treat with Advanced needle

① Low pressure

② Smooth, steady and low pressure

MELINE Lidocaine is produced by outstanding researchers in Korea through research and development. All research and production processes of MELINE are manufactured by clean and advanced way in Korea.

 Advantages of MELINE Lidocaine 

 Safety  Satisfaction  Duration
① Pharmacopoeia grade’s Raw materials

② Removed the residue of the crosslinker before sterilization

③ Similar to human osmolality ( Approx.

① Natural volumizing

② less swelling and bruising with less residue of BDDE

① Increase duration through enhanced crosslinking reaction

② No add non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid




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