Patent Micro Beads of Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid Filler 10cc

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BEADS MAX Body Filler is the last achievement in the world of contour plastic surgery.

This Korean product allows increasing the volume of the breast and buttocks without surgery and pain. The filler is based only on a single ingredient. It is composed of the hyaluronic acid of the highest level of purity. The revolutionary parameters of the product are based on the unique formula that allows binding molecules within the filler and leads to a long-lasting effect.

The most ideal mechanical properties of fillers are all combined in BEADS MAX :

– strong viscosity and cohesiveness

– optimum gel hardness (gel hardness can be controlled delicately)

– excellent in easy molding

– migration resistance

– unique technology of creating a semi-solid state gel of Hyaluronic Acid

BEADS MAX  Benefits:

Can be perfectly dissolved through effect of hyaluronidase

Remains 100% HA, showing a new level of filler compared to our competitors

Shows high hydrophilic capacity thanks to its stable molecular structure


Beads Max Classic-H Beads Max Classic-S
Deep wrinkles

Deep forehead wrinkles



Facial area (equivalent to ‘deep’ normal HA filler)

Breast and buttock augmentation

Deep dermis

Subcutaneous tissue shallow





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