MONALISA Body filler Ultra Type

Ultra Type


Hyaluronic acid body filler 10 ml

HA Concentration 24mg/mL



Ultra Type


Hyaluronic acid body filler 10 ml

  • Attractive volume to your body
  • Proven long-term safety and stability
  • High pure Hyaluronic acid

MONALISA B Product Specification

HA Concentration 24mg/mL

Lidocaine Content 0.3%

Volume 10mL

Particle size Ave.900

Endotoxin <0.5 EU/mL

MONALISA Hy-BRID Technology – Better Volume Effect and Retention

The Hy-BRID Technology can make HA highly dense with uniform sized particles. This enables MONALISA B to have optimal viscoelastisity and long-lasting volume.

*Hyper cross-linked

*Based on non-animal HA


*Improved Density and elasticity


The manufacturing process is tightly controlled to bring the endotoxin and BDDE (chemical crosslinker) levels below the detection limit. The risk of adverse side effects (allergic reaction, edema, etc.) can be minimized.

Easy Procedural Operation with ergonomic design

The ergonomically-designed rod and grip allow the even distribution of pressure during injection to enable an accurate and safe treatment for both the clinician and the patient

Highly Pure Hyaluronic Acid

MONALISA B achieved a strict quality control system through direct involvement
in the entire production process from the base material of hyaluronic acid to the final product


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