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Have you noticed that not only your face skin’ look defines your age, but hair look! Hair care requires the same intensity as your skin in most cases. Hair Filler is one of the treatment ways together with shampoo, toner and treatment as it is powerful remedy for scalp care and hair loss.

What is hair filler?

Hair Filler is an innovative way to help hair growth and making your scalp healthy. Hair Filler may increase the thickness and volume of hair, enhance and strengthen hair against pollution, dust and mistreating.

Common causes of hair issues

  1. Loss of collagen in hair follicles due to aging
  2. Loss of capillaries in the scalp, cutting oxygen and nutrient supply to the follicles
  3. Decrease in follicle size and increased oil production due to DHT hormone expression
  4. Reduced scalp regeneration and healing capacity due to compromised skin barrier
  5. Reduced pigment transport due to loss of melanocytes (grey hair)


  1. Contains all the nutrients needed by the scalp.
  2. Helps make the scalp healthier With the synergy between exosomes, growth factors, and active ingredients, it helps strengthen scalp barriers and prevent hair loss
  3. After balancing the unhealthy scalp, it can help improve the overall condition and maintain the effect

Intensive care with nutritional supplements for the scalp. The synergy effect of exosomes combined with active ingredients helps maintain the optimal scalp environment and strengthen the scalp barrier

Provides rich nutrition to the scalp, which is easily sensitive due to exposure to harmful environments and stress, providing comfort to the scalp. It maintains a healthy scalp environment through the synergy between exosomes and ingredients needed by the scalp



  1. Effectively stimulates keratin synthesis, an important component of hair, and promotes hair growth
  2. Repairs damaged hair in the deep layers to make the hair thicker and stronger
  3. Amino acid sequence and mechanism of action are clear
  4. Easy to absorb as it is a small peptide molecule
  5. Safe and has no irritation or side effects at the recommended dosage when compared to minoxidil


Copper Tripeptide

It is a famous ingredient used as an antioxidant for hair, and it helps hair as well as the scalp, and skin health. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier, including the scalp weakened from external stimulus

  • Normalization in hair growth cycle – Hair loss occurs when the growth period is shortened. Copper promotes the synthesis of extracellular matrix components and normalizes the growth cycle
  • Suppression of excess active oxygen – Active oxygen destroys hair follicle cells, copper complex has antioxidant function that suppresses free radicals. Prevents oxidative damage to hair follicle cells.


Penetrates the cuticle layer of the hair and delivers moisture to strengthen the hair elasticity and keeps it shiny. Acts to remain moisture on the surface of the scalp to scalp to prevent dryness.

  • Dexpanthenol – When it penetrates the skin, it is converted to pantothenic acid
  • Pantothenic acid – Promotes moisture absorption → Moisturizing effect Essential substances for collagen production that makes up skin and hair. Helps clean skin and hair by breaking down lipids


Biotin is involved in the synthesis of keratin proteins, which make up 80-90% of hair, to increase hair strength and help hair growth.

How to use?

01. Shampoo : Wash the scalp and hair with Hairna Shampoo. (Learn more about Hairna Shampoo)

02. Scaling : Remove harmful environmental factors that clog pores, such as dead skin cells, sebum, dandruff and waste remaining on the scalp

03. Hairna Hair Fill & MTS : After dividing the scalp into sections and applying the contents of the ampoule, repeat rolling in the vertical-horizontal-diagonal directions 5010 times with MTS and re-apply the product

04.LLLT (LED) : Soothe irritated skin by laser and activate skin for the absorption of active ingredients


  • Pain care : For patients with severe hair loss, applying an anesthetic cream after the treatment is recommended since scalp is more sensitive to pain
  • MTS depth : 1-2 mm
  • Hair loss management : For hair loss management, individual solutions can very depending on hair cycle and type of hair loss, and constant treatment and management are required for at least 3 months.

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