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A lot of lipolytic injections are represented in a Korean market today,

all of them have different ways to the solution thanks to original components.


ULTRA LIGHT is a new injectable that reducing fat successfully and it is not accumulated any longer. It is used for face and body with a noticeable result. It is used for elimination of fat on face and body as well, removing cheek fat, buccal fat, sub aural sagging fat and submental fat.


  • Ultra Light is a new injectable that is very effective at reducing the appearance an profile of moderate to severe fat below chin
  • Once fat cells destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate in tissue again.
  • Ultra Light helps to form flawless lines and beautiful contours
  • Elimination of excess fat and controlled formation of new fat cells
  • Ultra Light can remove cheek fat, buccal fat, sub-aural sagging fat, and submental fat. It also corrects overdone fat graft


How ULTRA LIGHT works:

  • Following injection of Ultra Light, the adipocyte cell wall is destroyed, resulting in cascade of inflammatory necrosis of ell and reduction in size of adipocytes. 
  • Inflammatory cascade also results in fibroblast migration and stimulation, resulting in buildup of more collagen. 


However,  the most popular part of that product these days is injecting it into the fat underneath the chin :



  1. Induction of fat metabolism
  2. Carbohydrates and fats lead to energy
  3. Increased blood flow reduces edema





[ Deoxycholic acid ] 

Adipocyte cell wall is destroyed, resulting in the cascade of inflammatory necrosis of cell and reduction in the size of adipocytes

[ Lecithin ] 

 Stimulation of lipase activity, lecithin possess beneficial properties in reducing cholesterol levels and controlling or preventing atherosclerosis

[ Juglans Regia ] 

 Increased blood flow to skin for enhanced follicular cleansing and eliminating of toxic wastes by high concentration of linolenic acid, arginine and vitamin E

[ Fucus Vesiculosus ] 

 Rejuvenated, slim and perfectly flawless leg line by cellulite-removing effective of bladder wrack extract

[ Aesculus Hippocastanum ] 

 As it enhances the function of the capillaries, increases the tension of the venous blood vessel walls and increases the flow of venous blood, it removes the congestion of the peripheral blood flow. It improves various blood circulation disorders, because it takes actions to stimulate blood, increase perfusion and increase blood flow of peripheral blood vessel

[ Tyrosine ]

It is involved in the biosynthesis of dopamine and epinephrine, it promotes lipid metabolism and burns body fats

[ Disodium Adenosine phosphate ]
As it is a high energy phosphate binder, it gives the activity of the muscle and promotes cell function as an energy source of cells


[ Pulsatilla Extract ] 

Clean and younger skin with increased elasticity by clinically proven effect of rich and naturally occurring saponin from Pulsatilla roots

[ Sodium Chloride ]

Cation generating element in extracellular fluid that promotes vasodilation, increased blood flow, angiogenesis, and enhanced myocardial metabolism

[ Riboflavin ]

Helping anti ageing, cell regeneration or energy metabolism through antioxidant function. Strengthening skin, hair and nails, promoting growth and suppressing active oxygen to prevent ageing



  • Individuals with busy schedule
  • Sagging cheeks, Sagging chin-line and double-chin
  • Flawless facial line and perfect contour
  • No visible results from toxin application
  • Large cheekbones, no elasticity in skin
  • Aftercare for excessive fat-implant and injection
  • Slim waistline and love-handles, perfect and slim leg line





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