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Product Name: Skin Colla Fill Ingredients: Pig-derived collagen Effect: Collagen is used to improve and
recoverligaments and tendon that are damaged during internal and external treatments or surgeries to supplement muscles, biological membranes, cartilage How to Use: By injecting directly

2. Atelocollagen effect:

Replaces damaged tissue with new collagen and promotes collagen production.
Gives collagen supplementation and regeneration effects

3 .What is collagen?

Collagen is the main protein of all connective tissues, including skin, blood vessels, bones, teeth, and muscles, and also exists as an intercellular matrix in other organs. (in mammals, 1/3 of all proteins are called collagen)
Collagen molecules are three strands of polypeptides with a molecular weight of 100,000 to form helix and are hard rod-like.
At both ends of the molecule, there are some parts called telopeptides that do not have a helix structure

4. Shape and Structure – Principle of Operation 
As a biological material for tissue recovery using collagen as a main component, it is injected into the subcutaneous (dermal-epidermal boundary and dermal surface).
Layer and is used to temporarily improve wrinkles in the face of adults through physical repair
This product minimizes the immune response by removing antigenic telopeptide 

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    • Jessica
    • June 05, 2022
    • Reply

    Can you use this in lips to make them filler

      • maypharm2021
      • August 04, 2022
      • Reply

      yes it can be used for lips too

        • Chris
        • April 10, 2023

        Can you provide the exact ingredients for this product?

        • maypharm2021
        • May 02, 2023

        Hi Chris, sorry about the late reply, As for skin cola, It contains Pig derived collagen 3%

    • Teresa
    • September 16, 2022
    • Reply

    Can this product cause vascular occlusion?

      • maypharm2021
      • November 08, 2022
      • Reply

      No. As long as injected to the dermis avoiding the blood vessel, it should be fine because it is safely made under medical grade. (Sterilized and no endotoxin.)

    • Veronica Kohne
    • October 11, 2022
    • Reply

    Can this be used under the eye and cab it be combined with hyaluronic acid?

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