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REJURAN Healer is a revolutionary concept of skin rejuvenation by administrating polynucleotide into the dermis to improve skin physiology by assisting with tissue repair and collagen stimulation.

REJURAN  is contains long chain polymeric nucleotides derived from salmon DNA. These highly purified long chain polynucleotides have a high water binding capacity and viscoelasticity hence resulting in reconstruction and improvement in the appearance of your skin.

  1. Improved Hydration
  2. Reduced Wrinkles and Sagging Skin
  3. Reduced Pigmentation


REJURAN comes in 3 forms.

  • Rejuran Healer for full face rejuvenation
  • Rejuran S for scar treatment 
  • Rejuran I for under-eye rejuvenation.

Since it regenerates the skin cells themselves, it is very effective for treating acne scars and tightening the pores in your skin. It is also known for making your skin tone brighter and texture smoother.

REJURAN is coming for:

  1. For those who do not want the unnatural look of getting fillers or toxin, Rejuran Healer could be a good alternative
  2. For those in their 30s and above, with dry skin and frequent skin problems
  3. For those with wrinkles on the neck, around the eyes, and have stretch marks which are difficult to treat with other options
  4. For those with thinned or sensitive skin from overuse of laser treatment
  5. For those who want to make their skin naturally healthy.

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