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There are so many dermal fillers out there, and you don’t even know which one to choose, right? Reading this post may help you to understand more about fillers!

Three key factors of a safe filler

  1. Pure hyaluronic acid filler
  2. Full-hydrated hyaluronic acid filler
  3. Less-pain hyaluronic acid filler

Three key factors of a functional filler

  1. Natural contouring
  2. Easy to reform
  3. Convenient

Why is Mayfill a good filler choice?

1. High-satisfaction rate filler

Mayfill has lowered the incidence of side effects, as the purer the filler is, the safer it is. The MOD value is one of the factors thatcan cause side effects such as edema or inflammation.

  • 2. HA fillers should be easy to modify
  • Mayfill reacts quickly to enzymes and normalize unsatisfactory results .
  • 3. Mayfill has lowered the incidence of edema
  • If there is insufficient hydration, edema makes it difficult to predict the procedure, resulting in low patient satisfaction.Mayfill provides sufficient hydration.

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