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PREMIUM PLAMERE is an aesthetic multi-plasma device made by developing medical plasma, which was a hospital technology, for aesthetic purposes. It can treat fibroblasts, wrinkles on the face and body, and skin sagging problems such as lifting, pore care, cosmetics absorption, and acne treatment.

In addition, it is easy to use and charge with a plasma pen type, and it is equipped with a pulse control that regulates current, allowing only the desired skin to be treated without damage to internal skin tissue and thin tissue, enabling smooth but effective treatment with PREMIUM PLAMERE.

What is plasma?

Plasma, which accounts for 99.9% of the Universe, is a fourth material form of ionized gas along with solids, liquids and gases. Plasma is pure natural energy that can be observed in natural phenomena such as lightning and aurora, and can be found in fluorescent lamps, neon signs, air purifiers, disinfectants, and skin regenerators in everyday life.
Plasma naturally induces skin peeling by sterilizing the skin and removing various contaminants.
In addition, plasma energy stimulates the fibroblasts so that collagen is generated, and skin is regenerated, resulting in elastic skin and wrinkle treatment.


Patented plasma acne care

  • With the sterilization function of the plasma, the alleviation of trouble areas and soothing effect
  • By sterilizing the various viral and acne microbes in the trouble areas, it helps with wound recovery and scar alleviation.
  • Through the recomposition of skin tissues, complementation and reconstruction of the skin frame, it helps improve skin health.

Plasma Ring
Plasma acne tips, acne tip film only, and last tip cover are included By suppressing the generation of excessive ozone and ultraviolet rays, it supplies the right amount of radicals and ultraviolet rays necessary for acne treatment. When it comes in contact with the skin, a ring-shaped plasma is generated at the tip of the tip where the film is attached, emitting radical negative ions, UV and heat optimal for acne treatment.

Stimulation for the deeper absorption of active ingredients with fractional and permeating

Unlike existing beauty devices which induces absorption through skin pores or sweat pores, the active ingredients are induced to be absorbed by the dermis, leading to absorption by the entire skin area.

How to use:

Plasma lifting for wrinkle treatment and collagen regeneration

Wrinkle treatment, skin tightening and lifting effects

It stimulates the dermal cells to produce collagen and elastin, the center of skin elasticity, to make the skin elastic.

How to use:

Simple and safe use

Product Specifications

How do PRP injections work?

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