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Recently we have been receiving quite a lot of letters and requests from our customers and cosmetologists we work with to recommend some fillers of good quality they have not tried yet.

Among big variety of dermal fillers we want to highlight for you four fillers; probably you are familiar with them already… if not, it is right time to try one of them now!

  1. 1.CHAEUM





We want to start from BIG NEWS announced by CG Bio on May 24th related to VOM Filler. CG Bio has acquired European certification (CE mark). VOM is focused on mitigating edema that can occur temporarily when administrated by utilizing HA with enough moisture. It is suitable for busy office workers and those who do not want the procedure results to be obvious, the company said.



CG Bio is currently producing fillers at a filler-only manufacturing facility that meets all the GMP requirements). It also obtained certification of medical device items in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Colombia. “We have proven quality and technical skills that meet global standards by obtaining the CE certification,” said Yoo Hyun Seung, the CEO of CG Bio. “We will obtain FDA approval for the first time as a Korean filler”.



CHAEUM FILLER might become a suitable choice for those who enjoy 4-kind-gradation’s fillers and know about the quality and capability of that filler. CHAEUM can offer you the comfort procedure, which makes the difference you prefer, depending on gradation type.



REPLENGEN Filler was popular this week thanks to DEEP and VOLUME: they both are known for its accurate treatment as cosmetologists say a lot about precise pressure output, ensuring smooth injection and stable operation. This filler can be a good option for those who need to recovery faster after the procedure.



Hyafilia is superior to other fillers in longavity of filling effect. Hyafilia is tissue reconstructive material that is intended to be used for facial tissue augmentation. It is recommended that the product be used for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, folds, and acne scars, according to company statement.


 Hyaluronic acid used in Hyafilia is not from animal origins, but from a microorganism fermentation. Thus, Hyafilia can be injected without an allergic test, and they will naturally biodegraded slowly from the body.

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