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Jalupro. Maypharm.

The Yalupro biorevitalization procedure rightfully belongs to the effective anti-age techniques. With its help, you can smooth out wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin of the face, chest, abdomen, thighs and other problem areas of the body.



Yalupro biorevitalization is most often carried out when age-related changes of varying severity appear. This procedure is also indicated for photoaging – deterioration of the skin condition as a result of ultraviolet radiation. Sunbathers on the beaches and in solariums, as well as those working in the fresh air, are prone to this state. Photoaging is often noted in the absence of these factors, in those with thin, light, light-sensitive skin.


At a relatively young age, Jalupro biorevitalization helps to level the first symptoms of skin aging, the effects of rapid weight loss and the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. And for people of middle and older age groups, this procedure, with regular use, allows you to curb the aging process and smooth out its manifestations, give the face and body a fresher look.


Biorevitalization is also used to reduce the severity of stretch marks (striae) and in the complex treatment of trophic skin changes.


Jalupro. Maypharm.


The main indications for injections of Jalupro are age-related changes in the skin of the face and body associated with a decrease in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


  • a decrease in skin tone, which is manifested by a loss of elasticity and an increase in flabbiness, sagging contours, deepening of natural skin folds;
  • the appearance of wrinkles;
  • dryness and thinning of the skin;
  • hyperpigmentation (the appearance of noticeable age spots);
  • preparation for and rehabilitation after traumatic procedures, resurfacing, plastic surgery.


It is recommended to combine biorevitalization with hardware techniques such as radiofrequency lifting, laser and elos-rejuvenation. This provides a comprehensive rejuvenation effect, multi-level lifting and a significant improvement in skin quality.



  1. The main component of Yalupro is hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for hydrating the dermis.
  2. The second component of the preparation is a balanced amino acid “cocktail” that supplies material for the synthesis of proteins in the deep layers of the skin. It includes lysine, glycine, leucine and proline, which do not differ in structure from endogenous amino acids and are immediately included in the collagen synthesis cycle.
  3. The combination of rapidly absorbing hyaluronic acid and readily available amino acids is a key feature of Yalupro. It is this composition that provides this biorevitalizant with safety, efficacy and rapid onset of clinical effect. But the components of the drug are quickly consumed by skin cells. Therefore, in order to saturate the deep layers of the dermis and achieve a long-term rejuvenating result, it is necessary to carry out a course treatment.


One package of the drug contains 2 bottles with a mixture of amino acids and 2 ampoules with 1.5 ml of 1% hyaluronic acid. The components are mixed by the doctor immediately before the procedure. One package is enough for 2 biorevitalization sessions.

Jalupro. Maypharm.


Also produced is Yalupro HMW – a drug with an increased concentration of hyaluronic acid up to 2% and an ampoule volume increased to 3 ml.



Biorevitalization with Yalupro gives a fairly quick and pronounced effect:

  • increased skin turgor, reduced flabbiness, increased moisture saturation;
  • reducing the severity of skin folds, the disappearance of superficial facial wrinkles;
  • tightening the contours (lifting effect);
  • smoothing stretch marks, stretch marks;
  • improved skin color.



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      yes you can do microneedling. although it is better effect if you do the deeper application 👍

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