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As we grow older, so does our skin. Aging signs appears as wrinkles on our face, forehead and neck. Innotox is one of the best solutions to all these aging problems! It is an analog to botulinum toxin.

Why is Innotox different from other toxins?

Innotox is an innovative liquid type A complex approved by the South Korean KFDA and it has been very popular in many countries thanks to its easy application and long-lasting results.

In comparison to other toxins, its liquid form makes it ready to use, as there is no need to mix it with saline water. Its low degree of diffusion also prevents the influence of toxin on the tissues adjacent to the application area.

Innotox can be stored and transportated at room temperature, since Innotox is heat resistant up to 28C. But still fridge storage is recommended for a longer shelf life it not used immediately.

Another point that makes Innotox unique is that it does not include any animal origin substance in the manuifacturing process in order to eliminate risks related to animal-based proteins. Furthermore, it also does not include human serum albumin as an excipient of the final product to avoid any risks related with diseases of human blood origin. Instead, it includes methione and polysorbate as a stabilizer.

Innotox is a colorless liquid-filled vial and its mechanism of action is quite simple. After its application, it reaches the nerve endings, completely blocks them and makes the muscle insensitive, making Innotox the best option for treating wrinkles and fine lines.

How to use Innotox

Innotox can be used for micro/nano needling, such as the Hydra Stap 20pin, Hydra Roller 64pin, or Hydrapen. It is also recommended for use with MesoGlow Soft Cones 0.6mm. It can also be used as a cocktail with another micro/nano needling serums.

Results take 1-2 weeks after application, and 2 weeks must be allowed between treatments.

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