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HYARON Prefilled inj. is a skin care product, which forcefully replenish water into a dry skin when skin lose big amount of moist.  Hyaron effectively replenish the skin moisture in face and neck wrinkled lines, improve tightening pores, brighten skin color and improve skin problems in general, making face smooth, moistened, tender in a shot period of time. 

HYARON Prefilled inj. MAYPHARM

Hyaron contains concentrated hyaluronic acid, collagen, plant extract and vitamins. 

Dosage of HYARON: a pack of 10 ampules with 2.5 ml, being used 1-2 at a time, once a time, once a month, 3 courses.

HYARON is suitable for patients if: 

– their skin is dim and rough, 

– their skin is dry

– skin darkened

HYARON Prefilled inj. MAYPHARM

As advantages of HYARON in eastern country can be:
1.  The concentration of ingredients is higher than in other similar brands

2. High performance-to-price ratio, one box of 10 ampules, so that you replenish water whitening while reducing economic expenditure.

3.  The wide range of applying such as: wrinkles, thick pores, loose and dropping skin, freckles, solar spots, elderly plaques, chloasma, pigmentation, telangiectasia, skin flushing, rosacea, dark skin, low finish, more sebum secretion, acne.

HYARON Prefilled inj. MAYPHARM

Advantages and effects of HYARON: 

  1. Replenishment / whitening / skin tightness / detoxification
  2.  Non-invasive / scar-free / painless / improve wrinkles
  3.  Fully moisturize / improve dark rough skin
  4.  The treatment is simple and rapid / only 10 minutes
  5.  No edema and recovery after injection
  6.  Anti-aging effect

Some suggestions while using HYARON

  • No alcohol and no smoking for a week after injection.
  • Try to avoid intense ultraviolet light for a week after injection.
  • Try to avoid sauna or strenuous exercise within 5 days after injection.
  • Be careful not to rub the place hard after injection.


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