HAIRNA post blog exosome hair loss scalp booster premium Anti-hair loss cosmetic with exosome active ingredient to effect scalp nourishment Nutrient Supply to Hair Roots Calm down Scalp heat Dryness improvement
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Is the scalp also skin? Let Maypharm take care of your scalp skin – an improvement of scalp elasticity after 15 days of use.
All procedures can be made from home.

5 ampoules in a box

HAIRNA Exosome Booster Ampoule 5 Point:

  • Hair Loss Relief
  • Scalp Nourishment
  • Nutrient Supply to Hair Roots
  • Calm down Scalp heat
  • Dryness improvement

After only 1 time of using!

Check out the amazing difference in temperature change & scalp moisture!

Scalp cooling changing Before & After

An ampoule that not only relieves hair loss symptoms but also cools the scalp! Exosome booster ampoule used only once!
Would you like to check before and after use?

Hairna Amploule Booster. Mapharm. Individual differences may exist.

HAIRNA ampoule scalp temperature 36.6 degrees before use >> 32.1 degrees after use !

Scalp moisture check Before & After

Our staff, who had severe itching due to dry scalp, tried it on their own!

Hairna Amploule Booster. Mapharm. Individual differences may exist.

HAIRNA Ampoule Scalp moisture 30.7% before use >> 41.7% after use !

Buy HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster Ampoule is a functional anti-hair loos ampoule in Maypharm.net

Trio: Energy – Synergy – Balance

A product that helps to create a healthy scalp by containing a large amount of nutrients necessary for the scalp
A product that helps strengthen the barrier of the scalp with the synergy of exosomes and active ingredients
A product that can maintain and improve condition after balancing the broken balance on the scalp


– Intensive nutrition care to prevent hair loss
– Healthy hair follicle & root management based on dermatology
– Strengthen scalp condition with healthy hair follicle & root management

Do not apply topically the HAIRNA Ampoule – it needs to be absorbed into the scalp to be effective!

HAIRNA Exosome Booster Ampoule that absorbs exosome ingredients that help improve scalp keratin, elasticity, and hair tensile strength (breakage) into the scalp!

HARINA scalp improvement system exosome ampoule can be managed easily and simply with home care. 2 Needle caps (MTS needles) provided with Hairna Ampoule set guarantee all nutrimental components are delivered to the scalp dermis.

Ultra-fine 0.25mm micro-needle made by being completely sterilized with stainless steel light (24K gold plating).

How to use

1. For hygienic use, dry the moisture on the scalp lightly after shampooing.
2. Remove the cap of the ampoule in the direction of the arrow, open the sterilized microneedle and push it into the ampoule container to fit perfectly.
3. Remove the lid of the microneedle and tap the container with constant force on the desired area to absorb the contents into the scalp.
4. After application, gently tap the ampoule so that the remaining contents get absorbed.

Recommended period of use: 10 days
Microneedle exchange cycle: After the 2nd or the third ampoule.
Storage method: Wash the needle once in warm water after using, disinfect it with alcohol, and store it with a cap on.
Alcohol disinfection method: Before and after use, dry and store

Recommended for:

+ Those who need intensive scalp care through exosomes
+ Those who need nutrition supply through various active ingredients to dry and brittle scalp
+ Those who want to quickly calm the scalp that has become sensitive to the environment and stress Those who want help maintaining the optimal balance of the scalp

Provides comfort to the scalp by supplying abundant nutrition to the scalp, which is easily sensitive due to exposure to harmful environments and stress, and maintains a healthy scalp environment through the synergy of exosomes and ingredients necessary for the scalp.

Meet the highly concentrated nutrition care for the scalp that exosomes provide:
[4 Effects]

1.Exosome boosting formula

Human ASC-Exosome ™ : Containing 40,000 ppm of human adipose stromal cell culture exosomes, it helps to improve the scalp environment

2.Scalp soothing formula

Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan, Plant Extract: Containing intensive care ingredients for problematic scalp, it helps to calm the scalp and improve dryness

3.Scalp nourishing formula

Neuropeptide complex (sh-Decapeptide-7, sh-Octapeptide-4, sh-Oligopeptide-9, sh-Pentapeptide-19), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Copper Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4

Contains peptide ingredients to strengthen the scalp and hair roots, helping to strengthen the intensive condition such as strengthening the skin barrier and activating cell mobility

Neuropeptide complex. Complex raw material containing Enkephalin and its derivatives. Helps to regenerate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier

Copper Tripeptide-1. It prevents skin inflammation by rapidly promoting the synthesis of elements that support the structure of the skin. After hair transplant it is an excellent wound healing effect Penetrates directly into the epithelial layer that supports hair, preventing hair growth and hair loss

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4. Acts as an information carrier in the process of skin tissue regeneration. Increases collagen biosynthesis rate to 100~327% and hyaluronic acid biosynthesis rate to 267%. Regeneration of damaged tissue on the scalp and prevention of itching due to dryness

4.Anti hair loss formula

Menthol, Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Biotin: Contains functional ingredients to relieve hair loss and helps improve hair loss environment

*Contains effective content of hair loss functional ingredients

Menthol helps relieve scalp fever

Refreshing feeling of the scalp with the main ingredient of peppermint oil

Salicylic Acid Helps keep the scalp clean

Penetrates pores to dissolve sebum and remove dead skin cells

Panthenol helps moisturizing and soothing

When absorbed into the skin, it is converted into pantothenic acid (Vit.B5),

Used for coenzyme synthesis Forms a protective film to prevent moisture from escaping

Biotin nourishes the scalp and hair

Promote scalp blood circulation and supply nutrients

Helps hair health and growth by participating in protein and fat metabolism, which are the main components of hair

How to use a 10-day Care Solution:

1st Day. Hairna Care shampoo > Treatment > Exosome ampoule

2nd Day. Hairna Care shampoo > Treatment > Toner


3 months after usage:

5 months after usage:

Buy HAIRNA Hair Exosome Booster Ampoule is a functional anti-hair loos ampoule in Maypharm.net


Q. I have sensitive scalp, can I use it?

A. The hair or hair exosome booster ampoule is an ultra-fine 0.25mm micro-needle made with perfect sterilization and can be used on the sensitive scalp 🙂 I recommend that you do!

A. Hair, care shampoo, and treatment have a weak acidity of 5.0 to 5.5, so they do not put any strain on the sensitive scalp.

Q. Does it help with hair loss treatment?

A. It is a functional cosmetic that can help relieve symptoms of hair loss.

If you focus on alleviating the symptoms of hair loss, you can get help. (Individual differences exist)

Q. Does it foam well?

A. This product is made with an emphasis on sufficient foaming and cleaning power.

Before shampooing, write enough lukewarm water on your scalp and hair and shampoo!

Q. Can it be used by children or pregnant women?

A. It contains salicylic acid for scalp keratin management.

Not recommended for pregnant women and infants.

It is recommended to use after childbirth.

Q. How long is the shelf life?

A. It is listed at the bottom of the single box.

Q. How long can I use it?

A.Hair or hair exosome booster ampoule: 1 Vail for 2 days / Can be used as recommended for 10 days.

A.Hair or Care Shampoo/Treatment: When applied to the palm of the hand, an appropriate amount of about 500 won is appropriate, but the amount used may vary depending on individual hair length.

If used once a day, it can be used for about a month.

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