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Dermaren  lumi 10.0

Dermaren lumi 10.0 is a new concept filler which brings a synergy effect to your skin. It soothes away wrinkles, moisturizes & rejuvenates your skin, gives volumizing effect and makes your skin shiny.

dermaren lumi 10.0. MAY PHARM.

 EFFECT: Anti-Aging, Anti-fine Wrinkles, Skin Whitening & Rejuvenation, Improvement on Skin Elasticity + Anti-deep Wrinkle Volume Hydration

KEY INGREDIENTS: Polynucleotide 10mg/mL, Hyaluronic Acid 10mg/mL


STRUCTURE: DNA piece has longer length than normal PDRN
Different demarcation unit of DNA by increasing molecule size according to skin regeneration
Biopolymer in form of 13 or more nucleotide monomer in covalent bond

EFFICACY: Wound healing, anti-inflammatory action, cell growth promotion, improvement of elasticity and tissue regenerative ability
As a pure DNA fragment, there is no immune reaction and it normalizes skin tissue without hyperplasia.

※ EfficacyᆞEffect slightly vary depending on the age group. As a result of test for 20s, 30s, 40s, there is additional efficacy and effect on especially 40s. (skin tone, melanin, wrinkle, skin laxity, etc)

The latest innovative development in medical cosmetology, polynucleotides is an opportunity to return and prolong confidence in your beauty for another 10 years. 

dermaren lumi 10.0. MAY PHARM.

Restoration of areas with pronounced lipodystrophy due to the production of its own subcutaneous fat, as a result, total lifting without the use of modeling fillers. 

Improvement of the quality of the dermal integument, a healthy shine and hydration appeared, characteristic of significantly younger skin.

Elimination of pigmentation and significant lightening by several degrees of tone. Manifestation of a vivid general effect on the whole body in addition to local areas due to blood flow and uniform prolonged action of the active substances of the drug in bound HA as it dissolves for a month


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