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Most of the facial wrinkles are caused by facial expression muscles. Paralysis of Botulax injection weakens the muscles that form 

wrinkles, The method of flattening facial wrinkles has a good effect on removing wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, 

eye wrinkles, mouth corner wrinkles and nose bridge lines. The operation time is only 5 minutes, it is simple and fast, and there are 

almost no side effects. Botulax lasts for 6 months on the characteristics. After about 6 months, the injection needs to be re-injected 

to maintain the effect. After two or three injections, the wrinkled muscles are weakened. Even if wrinkles are re-formed, it will be 

significantly less than before, and continuous effects can be expected.

Women with square faces give a masculine impression and can be injected with a simple Botulax. 

To achieve the effect of modifying the shape of the face and changing the impression. The reasons for forming the square face are 

divided into the case where the mandible itself is developed and the chewing muscles.

There are also cases where the jaw and muscles often chew gum, squid, and other habitual people. The chewing muscles are de-

veloped. You can paralyze the muscles and use Botulax to inject a thin face. The operation is simple and no traces are left. Popular

among professionals. Botulax's characteristics can maintain muscle paralysis for about 6 months, and the effect of muscle atrophy 

on the square face can keep  about 1 year.

Instructions for use

[1] Wrinkle removal: 200U with 5 ml of saline, 0.1 ml per spot

[2] Two thin face usage: 200U with 4 ml of saline, 2 ml for each thin face

[3] Skinny legs usage: 200U with 4ml, 2ml per leg, 20 points per leg, 0.1ml per point

[4] Hyperhidrosis of hands and feet: 200u with 5ml of saline, 0.05-0.1ml per point.

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