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GREAT NEWS should last longer! 

The after party lasts for more 2 days! 


Make an order n Maypharm and get our best products for free!  


[ November 27th ~ December 1st (Tue) ]

1. Over $100 *GIFT* Meini Cream Mask Pack 1 box (5ea)
2. Over $500 *GIFT* Meini Cream Mask Pack 5 box (25ea)
3. Over $1000 *GIFT*     Recell 1 box (5vials)
4. Over $3000 *GIFT* Recell 2 box (10vials)
5. Over $5000 *GIFT* Slim Point Face (5 mL) 3 pcs
6. Over $10,000 *GIFT*     Slim Point Face (5 mL) 6 pcs

**  ! ! shipping cost isn’t include  ! ! ** 


Slim point Face (5ml)

The best solution for better shape for face and neck.


Slim point Face (5ml) Maypharm

Made in Korea
Made by Maypharm

High Concentrated Premium Lipolysis Solution

High lipolysis metabolism!
Fast Realease!

– effect of lipolysis
– inflammation and wound healing
– reducing edema and pain

– stimulation of lipase activity
– fat cell wall degradation (detergent action)
– dissolving bad cholesterol in the blood, preventing unnecessary accumulation of fat

Best Solution for shaping your best parts of face ♡

Recell PDRN 

Regeneration and repair

Recell PDRN Skin Boost. Maypharm

Made in Korea
Made by Maypharm

Recell PDRN Skin Booster


PDRN polynucleotides

Application area:

Face, body


5 vials of 3 ml


Contains a substance that prevents inflammation and promotes tissue regeneration.

It has a fast and excellent effect.

Extremely safe and reliable to use.

Has a low molecular weight.

Meini Mask (1 box 5ea)

Medifill Meini Cream  Mask Pack 5ea. Maypharm

Made in Korea
Made by Maypharm

The MEDIFILL  Cream Mask is made of Cellulose Mask.

* 100% cellulose fabric can increase skin adhesion,

* Close to the surface of the face to provide the essence of the skin,

* Maximize the effect of the mask.

1. Moisturizes the skin

2. Not only gives the skin moisture and elasticity, but also generally improves the metabolism of skin cells, thereby restoring skin tissue

3. Slows down the aging process. Gives the skin the necessary hydration and nutrition, narrows wrinkles, gives the skin a natural glow.

4. Taken together, with regular use of Meini cream masks, the skin becomes more elastic, the upper layer of skin is less at risk.

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