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Celosome Aqua

It has the lowest viscosity and elasticity. Optimal for young skin with unexpressed wrinkles, contributes to the overall hydration and refreshment of the face.

Fast disintegrating filler. Recommended for dull complexion and dehydration. The volume of the drug is 2.5 ml / piece, which is much more than other products of this brand.

The composition includes mannitol (0.9%), which reduces the inflammatory reaction at the injection sites of the filler and additionally stabilizes hyaluronic acid.

+ hydrates and revitalize skin

+ improves elasticity and restores the skin’s natural radiance

+ hyaluronic acid smoothes and rejuvenates the skin due to its unique ability to bind and retain water

+ also bind collagen and elastin, as well as facilitate the transport of vital nutrients to the skin tissue


Celosome Aqua Lidocaine. Maypharm.

Celosome Aqua is used for simple non-surgical injection procedures that bring instant results.

The drug is used to moisturize, restore and rejuvenate the skin, stimulates collagen production,

helps restore hydrobalance, increase elasticity and smooth fine wrinkles.

Instructions for use:

The procedure is painless, only some uncomfortable sensations can arise, but they are quite tolerable.

The whole process takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the area of ​​the treated area.
The administration area is cleaned of makeup and contaminants, treated with an antiseptic. With increased sensitivity, an anesthetic cream can be applied.

Indication : Skin hydration, revitalizing and rejuvenation

Duration : 1-3 months

Technique – Please, refer to that information as to general indications (always consultate with your doctor) :

The drug is injected with stable injection (this contributes to an even distribution). The technique depends on the area of ​​influence.

*** Used for all areas of the face, optimal for the forehead and cheekbones.

Spot – for sensitive areas of the decollete, the area around the mouth and eyes.

Precautions: Please, be very careful when you inject the area under eyes as any biorevitalizing product might occur some side effects if you have very sensitive skin under eyes.

***Before injections, a doctor’s consultation with anamnesis is required. It is necessary to report if other cosmetic procedures have recently been performed.

Mesh – for the correction of pronounced wrinkles of the forehead, cheeks, chin and around the mouth.
Linear retrograde – filling in deep wrinkles of the nose and forehead, nasolabial folds.
Areas of administration: all areas of the face (optimal for the forehead and cheekbones), neck, décolleté, hands.
Place of injection: superficial and upper layers of the dermis.

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    • Tabata
    • May 12, 2022
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    Hello as the expiry date is short what are the possibilities of consultation for a longer sustainability? it is possible to freeze this product.

    • julie
    • June 23, 2022
    • Reply

    Is this a dermal filler or skin booster???

      • maypharm2021
      • August 04, 2022
      • Reply

      That is a skin booster!

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